Why Is It Important to Preserve Historical Documents?

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If you have family photos or letters that you keep meaning to preserve properly, or if you’re unaware about how to best preserve them, take a moment to learn about the importance of preserving materials that may have a lot of personal meaning for your family, and what can happen if proper care is not taken to maintain their quality.

As part of reviewing papers, letters, photos and other materials you may have come across, if you decide you’d like to preserve any of your mementos using microfilm equipment, Microfilm Equipment & Supplies, Inc. has the technology and resources to digitize your memories so that they’ll be preserved for years to come.

Prevent damage

Despite your best intentions, if you don’t take care to properly store and preserve historical documents and other materials, they may become damaged. In the case of photos, not devoting the proper care and attention to preserving them may cause them to become stuck together, making it a challenge to unstick them without causing additional damage.

Relatedly, if you come across photos that have become stuck together, do not use water to correct the problem. Exposure to water will cause image coatings to become soft and faded and may ruin the images themselves, in addition to rendering illegible any writing that has been used as a description for the photo.

Achieve peace of mind

If you have photos or documents that are very fragile, taking photos of them is a good option. That way, you’ll have some sort of record of these materials beyond the original items. You might also consider scanning documents and photos that are in good condition and saving them on an external hard drive or computer that is backed up.

In addition, remember to keep abreast of any hardware and software changes with the technology you’re using to store these backup copies so that you—or other family members—will be able to access them in the future.

Create permanent records

Many of us enjoy taking photos and uploading them to social media sharing sites, such as Instagram. While this is a fun and easy way to keep records of our favorite images for the time being and to share them with others, don’t rely on this as a long-term solution when it comes to images that you want to be able to share with future generations of your family. If these websites cease to exist at some point down the road and you haven’t saved backups of your photos, you may lose access to these images.

Make a point to regularly back up your favorite images digitally, such as on a CD or external hard drive, and create an organizational system for storing them that will allow you and other family members to easily identify them and maintain them in the years to come.

Now that you’ve learned more about why preserving your historical documents should be a priority, if you’re in need of a knowledgeable and reliable team of experts who have the most up-to-date microfilm equipment and other digital resources to preserve important family papers, letters and other documents, contact the staff at Microfilm Equipment & Supplies, Inc. today.

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