Enhance Your Microfilm Collection with a Microfilm Scanner

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Recently, Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. had the pleasure of working with the Limestone County Archives in Athens, GA to secure a new microfilm scanner: the ST ViewScan III. Now they will be able to preserve valuable photographs and documents with even clearer image quality, as this microfilm scanner incorporates a 14-megapixel color image sensor that really makes images crisp and provides full image quality.

High-quality color images

With this microfilm scanner, images become clearer and more focused, as the image sensor allows you to get every detail that is housed in your document and photo collection. Think about what a difference this will make to your microfilm library, as you are now able to take advantage of image quality like never before. These high-resolution images will really enhance your microfilm collection and give you even more reason to transfer all your documents to microfilm.

One of the main benefits of the ST ViewScan III microfilm scanner is its ability to scan in color. Color adds another dimension to your document archive, and really adds value to your microfilm and microfiche. It can even turn those amazing slides into color images that are high in quality and higher in resolution, giving you the best experience possible for viewing microfilm.

When you combine the full-color feature of the ST ViewScan III microfilm scanner with its high image quality, you have a real winner for the production of microfilm that will last for years to come. Any library or institution looking to move its paper documents such as books, newspapers, or magazines can now do so with ease, knowing they are getting the same (or even better) image quality that they had with the original documents.

Easy to use

As the ST ViewScan III is the latest iteration of a well-respected microfilm scanner, you know you are getting a system that has been designed to be as easy as possible to use. You don’t have to fumble to make this microfilm scanner work, as it is as intuitive as it is easy and convenient to use.

Each generation of the ST ViewScan series builds off a legacy of great microfilm scanners and ensures quality in your document imaging. If you have owned a previous version of the ST ViewScan microfilm scanner, you will immediately know how to use this model, as it incorporates many of the same functions and features, making it a smooth transition to an upgraded system. Plus, an integrated advanced USB 3.0 Superspeed interface provides the latest in technology enhancements for a microfilm scanner.

By being easy to use, the ST ViewScan III microfilm scanner is the perfect addition to any institution, library or business that needs a way to preserve its paper document collection for future users. This microfilm scanner allows even the most inexperienced users to operate its functions and enjoy the image quality that they get out of the machine.

To purchase an ST ViewScan III microfilm scanner for your organization or institution, contact Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. We are experts in microfilm scanners and readers and can also provide maintenance and repairs for your microfilm and microfiche equipment.

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