Understanding How Microfilm Readers Work

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A microfilm reader is a piece of equipment specially designed to project information that has been stored on a special type of film or card called microform. Microfilm readers and microform technology is useful in a variety of contexts and has been used for decades to preserve important information and provide easy access to archives and stored documents.

Although microfilm has been used for a variety of different applications, it is most commonly used today in libraries for the storage of documents, photographs and archives that would otherwise be in danger of deterioration or cannot be otherwise stored in paper format due to a lack of space.

The basics of microfilm readers

A microfilm reader, which is used to read information and view photographs on microform cards and film, operates in essentially the same way that a standard overhead projector or a movie projector does. In order to clearly project an image, a microfilm projector has a powerful light source that illuminates the image through the use of a series of mirrors within the equipment. The image is projected onto a screen so that it can be viewed clearly. The main difference between a microfilm reader and a standard overhead projector is the material that the image is being projected from. While an overhead projector uses plastic laminate, a microfilm reader projects from microform film.

The use of film is what makes microfilm readers similar in design to movie projectors. Like microfilm readers, a movie projector also uses a powerful light source and a series of mirrors to project an image, but it differs in that the images are projected in rapid succession to give the illusion of motion. Microfilm scanners also run through a series of images, but unlike with movie projectors, the speed of the film reel is determined by the user. The individual who is viewing the content through the use of the microfilm reader is the one who sets the pace. The user can switch to the next image with the simple press of a button.

When someone wants to view a specific piece of information, they simply have to load the film into the machine and then pull the film through the reader until the image that they are looking for is displayed on the projection screen. Microfilm readers are useful since they can display information from compact film in a clear and easy-to-view format that allows for compact storage, while still allowing information to be accessed reliably and conveniently.

Microfilm readers and equipment

Microfilm readers and other pieces of microform equipment offer a dependable solution for document preservation and historical archives. Through the use of microfilm, you can preserve important historical papers and photographs in order to maintain a copy that can be easily and conveniently stored and won’t be susceptible to rapid deterioration. At Microfilm Equipment & Supplies, Inc., we offer dependable microfilm solutions to our clients so that they can preserve their most precious documents. For more information about our exceptional inventory or to find out about our quality microfilm services, simply give us a call.

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