How Microfilm Can Save You Money

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Storing analog copies of important documents is easy, thanks to microfilm. Not only is this unique method of document storage convenient, but it is also extremely cost effective.

Microfilm preserves tiny copies of documents on reels of photosensitive film. In the age of increasing cyber instability, microfilm is still an important format that can keep your business’ sensitive documents safe and secure.

Additionally, microfilm is not susceptible to damage in the same way that paper document copies are. Paper may corrode, and it is vulnerable to mold, water damage and pests. Microfilm, on the other hand, is composed of a plastic-like material that can stand the test of time.

Microfilm scanners are useful both for new and legacy documents that your organization may be in possession of. You can use them to read and in many cases even digitize existing microfilm archives.

Here are just a few of the ways that microfilm and microfilm scanners can save your business money:

  • Saving space: Microfilm is tiny, by definition! This means that you can dedicate less of your business’ physical space to document storage. Additionally, the cost of transporting it is substantially lower than the cost of transporting full-size hard copies of documents.
  • Enhanced convenience: Microfilm is a surprisingly easy-to-use analog document storage format! Microfilm scanners make the task of processing documents between hard copies and digital scans a quick and easy task, reducing your business’ labor needs.
  • A multiplicity of uses: Photographs, newspaper clippings, insurance declarations and birth certificates are just a few of the things that can be stored on the same reel of microfilm. This ability to store many types of documents in a single source is undeniably valuable.
  • Long lasting: Documents that are held on a properly stored roll of microfilm can last as long as 500 years! You can ensure that your important documents are stored in a format that will be accessible throughout the constantly changing cycles of technology to avoid redundant investments in digitized storage mechanisms.
  • Court official: Microfilm is actually admissible in court. This means that your microfilm document copies can legally prove the existence of the originals, which can save you countless hours of unnecessary litigation, and can reduce your ultimate need for legal services.
  • Document integrity: As cyber attacks and ransomware becomes more prevalent, many businesses are examining analog means of preserving sensitive documents. You can rest assured that your microfilm is secure from document corruption and safe from prying eyes.

Many states and other governmental entities are continuing their investments in microfilm infrastructure due to the format’s staying power and lossless file preservation. This government backing is just another way to be sure that investing in a microfilm scanner is a sound business decision that will continue to pay dividends for your company.

Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. is proud to serve Alabama and Illinois with high-quality microfilm services and supplies. We have been providing long-term document storage solutions since 1982. To learn more about the microfilm scanners that we offer, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today!

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