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Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. (MES), a well-respected company specializing in microfilm, microfilm reading equipment and microfilm preservation supplies, is expanding into Alabama! We now serve the entirety of the Cotton State as well as our home state of Illinois with high-quality microfilm scanners, services and supplies.

It may be surprising to some that microfilm is still a thriving industry; however, there are many individuals and entities that still rely on microfilm archives on a daily basis. Here are just some of the reasons that critical documents should still be stored on microfilm:

  • Informational security: Unlike digital storage devices, microfilm is not susceptible to outside hackers or any forms of data corruption. As ransomware-based cyber attacks become more prevalent, it is prudent to begin exploring non-digital options for storing financial documents and other sensitive forms of information.
  • Document integrity: Microfilm can store documents successfully for more than 500 years if it is stored properly! There’s no need to worry about the image quality deteriorating, like with paper documents. Additionally, microfilm is not susceptible to migration failure, like computer files.
  • Saves space: Compared to paper document copies, microfilm is an easy way to minimize your document storage space and make the most of your real estate resources. It is called “microfilm,” for a reason, after all! Additionally, it can be easily and discretely placed in a safe.
  • Preserves quality: Much like analog camera film, microfilm preserves in nearly lossless quality, meaning that it can be repeatedly scanned without resulting in an increase in grain or pixilation. You can use microfilm to preserve document copies that are completely identical in quality to the originals.
  • Easy access: With the proper microfilm reading equipment, it can be a breeze to access or digitize microfilm documents! New technology for using microfilm is still being developed today, and it is becoming increasingly easy to transfer documents between digital resources and microfilm.
  • Frees up hard drive space: Due to the ease with which microfilm can be transferred back and forth to a computer, you can store many important computer documents on microfilm to make the most of your hard drive’s resources. This can speed up your computer and make it easier to access the files that you need on a daily basis.
  • Admissible in court: Unlike most forms of digital copies, microfilm can be used in the legal system as proof of the existence of an original document. This can provide your business or organization with an extra level of security if questions of insurance fraud were ever to arise, or in any myriad of similar circumstances.

MES is very excited to be providing valuable microfilm scanners and services to Alabama. Our new regional sales representative, Steve Taylor, will be traveling throughout the state offering demonstrations at local libraries and other institutions.

As a company, we have been providing high-caliber microfilm supplies and services for over 35 years. To learn more about how microfilm can benefit you or your organization, you can reach out to Steve Taylor directly at (256) 504-2807. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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