Why Microfilm Still Matters in the Digital Age

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It may be hard to believe, but microfilm and microfiche technologies are still vital, even in the age of smart phones and internet-based data services. Microfilm equipment can still be used for a wide variety of helpful purposes.

Microfilm is renowned for its extreme durability and unbelievable longevity. The material, if preserved properly, can still be read after 500 years in storage! For this reason, microfilm technology will be maintaining its place in the world of data storage for years to come.

Did you know that computer data actually erodes over time? Due to a phenomenon known as bit rot, computer files slowly degrade piece by piece. That, coupled with frequently changing file formats, makes it unwise to store important documents or photographs exclusively in the digital zone. Thanks to the universal nature of microfilm equipment, however, you can rest assured that your documents will continue to be accessible for a nearly unimaginable amount of time.

Here are just some of the ways that microfilm is maintaining its relevancy in the 21st century:

  • Governmental record keeping: Computers are unreliable and often dangerous places to store your data. Many state legislatures, such as those in Oregon and Texas, require that copies of public records be kept in an analog format. Due to its cost-effectiveness and reliability, this task frequently falls to microfilm.
  • Court usage: Microfilm document copies are admissible in court, just as if they were the original documents! This can make the process of obtaining insurance claims or proving tax deductions substantially easier, if you are able to produce an easy-to-read microfilm copy of your original document.
  • Secure storage: There’s no need to worry about hacking or having your documents held for ransom if you keep them in an analog format, such as microfilm. In an era of increasing cyber-crime, it is essential that businesses, individuals and governmental agencies alike keep their most sensitive documents out of the hands of criminals and within easy reach.
  • Better quality: The celluloid that composes microfilm captures a nearly perfect copy of your original image or document, and can keep it in full color. This means that it will be a nearly lossless copy of the original document source, and will remain readable for the foreseeable future with the help of microfilm equipment.
  • Public libraries: Public libraries, one of the most important American institutions, still rely heavily on the use of microfilm in order to read items such as old records and historic newspaper copies. Many public libraries actually have microfilm equipment on-site that patrons can utilize to view their microfilm stash.

It is essential for business owners, governmental leaders and private citizens alike to understand the importance of data security in the 21st century. Decades’ worth of documentation can be lost in a second with an unreliable computer system—microfilm provides a worthwhile alternative to digital storage options.

Since 1982, Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. has been providing the communities in Illinois and beyond with high-quality, reliable data storage solutions. To learn more about microfilm equipment and the supplies and services that we offer, reach out to one of our friendly associates today!

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