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Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. (MES) is growing yet again, and we couldn’t be happier to announce that we are now offering microfilm, microfilm preservation supplies and microfilm equipment in Louisiana.

Our continued success as a specialty source for microfilm products and services has allowed us to reach out beyond our home state of Illinois to bring these unique products to libraries, schools, government offices and businesses across several states in the Midwest and the South. Once local businesses and organizations see the many benefits of microfilm, they come to us again and again to help preserve their important documents, books, films and more! If you’re curious to know more about the microfilm supplies and equipment we now offer in Louisiana, keep reading and see how our quality products and services can benefit you:

  • Offers cost-effective storage: Microfilm is an inexpensive way to store large amounts of information and important documents. You don’t have to pay monthly fees for online data storage or waste space on bulky physical copies.
  • Lasts longer: Paper documents, photos, film and other records rarely stand the test of time. Microfilm, on the other hand, has been tested to show it can last up to 500 years under the proper storage conditions.
  • Provides protection when disaster strikes: When natural disasters occur, like the hurricane and flooding in neighboring Texas, microfilm has proven to be more salvageable then paper documents, digital storage and other more “modern” forms of record keeping.
  • Creates an identical copy: Unlike scanned copies of documents, microfilm preserves an identical copy of the original, which can make a crucial difference when you need to store or preserve contracts and other legal documents.
  • Prevents theft and preserves confidentiality: Unlike paper copies of documents that can be stolen or digital copies that can be compromised by hackers and viruses, microfilm offers the utmost quality in protection from theft and preserves the confidentiality of important documents.
  • Easy viewing access: With the microfilm projectors and other microfilm equipment available, accessing and viewing documents and photos stored on microfilm has never been easier. In addition, this form of viewing allows frequent handling of the information without causing damage through use.
  • Always readable: Unlike digital storage that requires system updates and constant conversions to ensure that documents are still accessible, microfilm will always only require a light source and a form of magnification to be viewed.

Whether you’re a museum in Louisiana looking to preserve and store historic documents or a law firm wanting to ensure your client’s records are kept safe and secure, microfilm is the solution. Microfilm is the only tested and proven form of media storage to date, which is why our team at MES is thrilled to now be able to offer these products in a state with so much history and culture to preserve.

To learn more about our available microfilm, microfilm preservation supplies and microfilm equipment in Louisiana, stop in to our new location and take advantage of these services today!

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