All About New Viewscan 4 Microfilm Scanners

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While the development of microfilm technology began in the 19th century, the equipment that is available today is almost unrecognizable compared to its original iterations. Microfilm scanners are important pieces of equipment that are used by libraries, museums, universities and even government offices as a method of information access, and microfilm itself is both resilient and easy to store in a relatively compact space.

One of the latest pieces of microfilm technology is the new Viewscan 4, a microfilm scanner that incorporates an impressive array of specifications and features:

  • Sharp focus: It’s important to get a crystal-clear image when you are reading through important documents or trying to discern small details in photographs. The Viewscan 4 features a sophisticated level of focus and creates a sharp image that gives you the ability to see every detail of the content that you are looking at.
  • Camera options: Depending on your specific needs, you might find that some cameras are more effective and work better for you than others. With this in mind, the Viewscan 4 was designed to be compatible with a number of different camera sizes—up to an 18-megapixel option.
  • Energy efficiency: There are many different ways that you can cut your energy usage and ensure that you are doing your part to cut down on waste. One of the best ways that you can do this is by being mindful of the type of equipment that you use. The Viewscan 4 is created to offer exceptional energy efficiency. It is built with materials that are considered eco-friendly, and it has features like an automatic sleep mode function that allow you to save energy and cut costs.
  • Optional PC: When you purchase a Viewscan 4, you have the option of getting a PC unit with your scanner. With this on-board PC, all you have to do is connect your keyboard, monitor and mouse, and you can begin scanning. The optional PC comes equipped with ST PerfectView Software that has touchscreen capabilities to make the scanner even more user-friendly.
  • American assembly: The Viewscan 4 scanners are assembled right here in the Unites States, and you can feel confident about your purchase thanks to a three-year factory warranty.

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