Why Is It Important to Preserve Documents?

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As history progresses, more and more documents get added to our arsenal to reflect on and use for research many years from now. Whether these documents are precious family heirlooms and photographs, drafts of poetry and prose, newspapers, legal documents or many others, we want to keep these documents in as pristine condition as possible so that we can use them as resources in the future. Although we have many ways of storing information online now, preserving documents is the only way to truly ensure they will be legible and useful many decades from now.

The act of preserving physical documents is important so that historians, libraries and government agencies can look back and examine the documents themselves. However, preserving the content of the document is also critical to ensure people will have access to information later. Using microfilm equipment is one way to preserve copies of documents.

Most people know that document preservation is important, but they don’t truly understand why. This importance spans many industries, uses and purposes, so here are just a few reasons why document preservation is vital for society:

  • Avoid damage or loss: The main reason document preservation is so important is to prevent the documents or photographs themselves from being damaged, not only by potential disasters, but also by natural wear and tear and age. Documents become brittle, fade and can rip or burn easily. Steps should be taken to properly and carefully preserve these documents to avoid damage or complete loss of the content within them.
  • Rely on historical information: Historical information is critical for our continuation as a species on Earth. It’s extremely important that we have firsthand accounts of previous wars, disasters, government actions and more to preserve, cherish and learn from our history. Additionally, our society relies on having accessible knowledge on government mandates, laws, medical records and property records, all of which need to be preserved carefully.
  • Expand our knowledge: Historical documents provide fascinating accounts of history from around the world in all time periods. Without historical documents to refer to, these pieces of history would be lost and we would have no way of expanding our knowledge on the subjects. Preservation allows us a glimpse into the past.
  • Create permanent records: Finally, preserving documents usually goes beyond protecting the document itself and often involves creating a permanent record or copy for public consumption. These copies are typically made using microfilm equipment and can be accessed through libraries and government agencies. Creating permanent copies is a way to ensure we don’t lose these parts of history and that the public can engage with the content without needing the document itself.

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