Browse Our Remaining Selection of ViewScan III Microfilm Equipment at New Reduced Prices!

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Many libraries and institutions across the nation have recognized the vast capabilities of microfilm equipment. Microfilm technology allows users to preserve historical or crucial documents in cost-effective and economical ways. Making the investment to add microfilm equipment to your organization’s arsenal can be expensive, but well worth it.

We at Microfilm Equipment And Supplies Inc. know that budget concerns can sometimes get in the way of staying up to date with the latest technology. This is why we’re lowering our prices on our available ST ViewScan III models, so you can get the important equipment you need to preserve your documents securely.

The ViewScan III is still available!

Even though the ST ViewScan 4 is now out on the market, we still have refurbished models of the award-winning ViewScan III available for purchase today! There is limited stock available, so hurry in to browse our selection and choose the right machines for your organization’s needs.

Choosing to purchase the previous ViewScan machine at a reduced price is a smart decision if your organization is new to microfilm equipment or is on a very tight budget. The ViewScan III is still an exceptional piece of equipment, having won three consecutive Platinum awards in LibraryWorks’ annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs). It was considered the most user-friendly microfilm scanner on the market when it originally debuted.

The ViewScan III provides high-resolution images thanks to its 14-megapixel color image sensor, and can offer high levels of detail due to the 7x to 105x zoom lens. The equipment automatically crops and de-skews documents and offers scanning in full color.

Users can save their document copies in numerous file formats still used by many consumers, including USB drives, email, Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as through printing. It also utilizes a USB 3.0 connection, a connection still available on the market today.

As you can see, the ViewScan III is still a relevant and renowned piece of technology. Make sure to visit our store and pick your scanner up today so you don’t miss out on an incredible deal!

Why microfilm?

If your organization does not have a microfilm scanner, and you are considering investing in one, let us provide some helpful information.

Microfilm is well known for its durability and extreme longevity—microfilm materials can be read after being stored for 500 years! This makes it one of the safest forms of preserving your historical or important documents and photographs. Microfilm saves data economically, meaning your organization won’t have to worry about storing large folders full of papers, and makes it easy for users to locate and view exact copies of the originals quickly.

Come select your ViewScan III model today!

Don’t delay on purchasing reduced-price microfilm equipment; our supply of refurbished ViewScan IIIs will sell quickly! Microfilm Equipment And Supplies Inc. has over 35 years of experience providing a wide range of microfilm readers and other equipment to institutional and library clients at affordable prices. We also do repairs and service on your current microfilm equipment. Between our experience and emphasis on excellent customer service, preserving your documents with our equipment will be easy!

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