Eight Reasons to Use Microfilm for Your Important Documents

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Have you ever used microfilm machines? If you own any important documents, this is the ideal tool for you. Almost everyone has at least a few documents that should be carefully preserved for future use. If this includes you, consider taking advantage of the benefits of microfilm machines. They are ideal for the following reasons:

  • They make information secure: In an age of cybercrime, people are looking for ways to store their data safe from would-be hackers. Durable microfilm is secure. Users can scan information onto microfilm, where it is not vulnerable like digital data often is.
  • They keep documents preserved: If you’re looking for a way to preserve documents and images long-term, microfilm machines are ideal. The microfilm does not deteriorate over time as paper does. The data cannot be lost in a computer crash or due to hacking or a virus. Users also don’t have to worry about software incompatibility in the future.
  • They ensure longevity: Some media have extended lifespans, but none compare to microfilm machines. Stored properly, microfilm lasts up to 500 years. That’s a lot longer than your latest phone or laptop will last.
  • They offer disaster protection: Backing up your files to an external drive or to the cloud is great, but what if something happens to the backup equipment? Or, what if you aren’t able to access it due to connectivity problems? Microfilm machines offer high-tech quality viewing without relying on equipment that could fail if disaster strikes. From floods to hurricanes to hackers, microfilm offers a great option to protect your essential files from disaster.
  • They provide easy access: Microfilm is simple to scan and view. The latest machines allow users to share files via email, Dropbox, Google Drive or USB. Scan to view and magnify images from a variety of sources quickly and efficiently.
  • They increase document quality: By scanning older documents and images into a microfilm machine, users enhance the original document. Once scanned, it can be viewed at greater magnifications and resolutions. It can be digitally enhanced in a variety of ways for better viewing.
  • They save space: Who wants a room full of file cabinets? Modern industries have moved away from paper and are becoming more and more digital. Microfilm machines offer another option to save space. Place a large amount of data on a small microfilm for easy storage and viewing.
  • They assist with court cases: If original documents are lost or destroyed, microfilm machines can come to the rescue. Documents scanned onto microfilm are admissible in court.

Reap the Benefits

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