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Are you having problems with your microfiche or microfilm machines? You won’t find a whole lot of companies capable of offering the specialized repair services you need to get them working properly again, but fortunately the team at Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. has developed a significant amount of expertise in the area based on our years of industry experience here in Illinois.

To understand the kind of problem you’re experiencing with your microfilm or microfiche reader and the kind of solution best suited to address the problem, you need to understand a little bit about the technology itself. With this in mind, here’s some information that can be helpful as you seek microfiche machine repair in Illinois.

How they work

Microfilm and microfiche are two different types of microform, but they essentially operate in the same way—they feature compressed copies of images and text at a fraction of their original size. The use of the specialized reading devices allows for them to be read and scanned properly.

Microfilm will usually come in rolls of 16mm or 35mm film, stored on cassettes or reels. One spool could have anywhere from 600 to 10,000 images, depending on the size and shape of those images. Microfiche, meanwhile, will have 105mm by 148mm film cards that create the images in a sort of grid.

In either style of microform, you must use a special reader to display and view the contents of the film. The device will have several parts:

  • A loading dock on which you place the film to prevent damage while it’s being used
  • A movable tray on microfiche machines that helps you navigate the card
  • A docking frame on microfilm machines on which you can easily wind or unwind a roll of film
  • A magnifying lens that makes it easier for you to expand images to original dimensions (or larger)
  • A screen that has proper lighting and projection capabilities for you to view the contents

A basic reader will only be able to display images after they’ve been loaded properly, but there are more advanced sets as well that include optical scanners, allowing you to store digital content directly on the machine. There are some machines that will accommodate both microfilm and microfiche, while others only are designed for a single microformat.

Seeking repairs

These are, as you can tell, very specialized machines. Therefore, any repairs or troubleshooting attempted on them should only be performed by professionals who have the training and tools needed to get the job done.

Every component of a microfiche reader must be handled with great care. All of these internal components are subject to general wear and tear, as well as breakages. If you handle them improperly, that damage potential is only increased.

Because these machines are becoming more and more specialized, it can be difficult to find a reliable service provider when you need microfiche machine repair in Illinois, but our team has the skills you need and the parts that make it possible to get your machines up and running at their full capacity once again. Contact Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. today.

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