Seven Reasons to Microfilm Documents

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Why do we use microfilm? Because microfilm still offers certain advantages that digital storage does not. Technology has always been solution-based. The invention of microfilm was no different. Microfilm was created as a cost-effective alternative for high-volume data and picture storage. Microfilm replaced paper, and you may be thinking that digital storage has replaced microfilm. While digital storage certainly has its own advantages, there’s a reason why microfilm machines in Illinois are still being used today for preserving important documents:

  • Security: It seems almost every day we hear of some big-name company’s security being breached by hackers. With microfilm, you don’t need to worry about that. If you store microfilm properly in a secure space, it’s not susceptible to internal or external hackers the way digital data is.
  • Longevity: How long does microfilm last? 50 years, or maybe 100? How about trying 500! If stored properly, durable microfilm is still accessible up to 500 years. Microfilm ensures the safekeeping of your most important documents for longer than any other type of media.
  • Save space: Microfilm is still the best solution compared to hard copy documents. It’s easy to store, compact, portable, convenient and a major space saver.
  • Accessible: With the right equipment, reading microfilm rolls is easier than ever. Our microfilm machines in Illinois have features that allow you to scan data and convert it into digital form to share almost anywhere, including a network printer, Google Drive, Dropbox, USB and even your email.
  • Integrity: Unlike paper documents, microfilm does not deteriorate with age, which minimizes the possibility of data loss. Microfilm is also not susceptible to issues caused by outdated software, since it is simply an alternate way of storing and viewing hard copies of documents.
  • Easy viewing: Our microfilm machines in Illinois use modern technology to make viewing even the oldest documents easier than ever. Images and text can be enlarged and refocused to create clearer, easy-to-read images.
  • Legal: While digital documents may or may not be admissible in court, microfilm can always be submitted as evidence. So if an important hard copy of a document—for example, a contract—is missing or is destroyed, microfilm can be submitted as evidence in its stead, whether the hard copy still exists or not.

If you have important data and documents that you want to protect from hackers and online security breaches, but don’t want an office filled with filing cabinets of paper, microfilm is your solution. Microfilm not only offers quality that is still unmatched by other forms of media, but it lasts much longer, and is convenient, accessible and secure.

At Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc., we serve our customers that value microfilm and its many advantages by offering top-of-the-line microfilm readers and scanners. From easy viewing features to digital compatibility, you’ll find that our selection of microfilm machines in Illinois is unmatched in the state. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of microfilm or the equipment we carry, simply call us or stop in today!

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