What You Need to Know About Document Preservation Using Microfilm Equipment in Illinois

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Whether you work in local government or a library or if document preservation is your career, preserving photos, documents, records and other information can be a daunting task. While document preservation can be an incredibly rewarding use of your energies, it’s not always easy to do. Thankfully, you can ensure high quality document preservation by following a few simple tips and using high quality microfilm equipment in Illinois. Understanding a little bit more about proper document preservation allows you to archive all of your important photos and records in a reliable format that will last for decades to come:

  • Keep documents organized: Before you transfer any of your photos or documents to a new physical or digital format, it’s essential that you take the time to organize them. You can organize documents by category and then by chronology to ensure that you and anybody else with access to the information can quickly and easily locate the documents they’re looking for.
  • Choose a reliable storage method: One of the best ways to combat information loss is to transfer original photos and documents to a different format. You can copy these documents onto acid-free paper, but it’s more economical to take advantage of microfilm equipment if you have a lot of documents to store. Microfilm allows you to store thousands of photos and documents in compact film reels that can be conveniently organized and accessed as needed. Microfilm is much more durable than paper and can last for up to 500 years under the right conditions.
  • Create a safe storage environment: Climate, weather conditions and other factors can all affect the condition of your archives. Keep original copies in airtight plastic storage boxes or safes to prevent damage from humidity. You should avoid storing information in a basement or any other room that’s vulnerable to flooding or extreme temperature fluctuations. If you’re storing paper copies of documents, it’s important to add large silica gel packs to your storage boxes and bins to minimize humidity and create a safer storage environment.
  • Take advantage of new technology: New technology makes it even easier for you to scan and store important documents. Newer microfilm equipment in Illinois often features software integration so that you can maintain physical and digital copies of your documents that you can access quickly and easily. It’s a good idea to consult with a professional who specializes in microfilm equipment in Illinois to find out more about all of the newest technological features that microfilm equipment has to offer.

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