Benefits of Microfilm Scanning for Your Business

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For businesses, document preservation is a necessity for internal operations, customer service and legal reasons. However, keeping all important physical documents can quickly become unwieldy, as storage space is often a problem, and digital files can easily become outdated or corrupted in today’s fast-moving technological shifts.

Microfilm is another document storage method that has been around since the 19th century, but that does not mean it’s outdated. In fact, microfilm scanners and readers are far from obsolete in our digital age. Many organizations, institutions and businesses still use microfilm scanners in Illinois and beyond because of the many benefits microfilm has to offer.

If your business is looking for an easy and effective way to minimize physical documentation while retaining the original files, microfilm may be your answer.

How microfilm works

Microfilm is an effective document storage technique that compresses documents to a fraction of their original size and scans them onto film using machines called microfilm scanners. The documents on the film can be viewed later using microfilm reader equipment.

While this technique may seem outdated, it’s great for keeping large volumes of documents in a compact storage space while retaining their original form. This option is great for businesses that have a lot of paperwork they need to hold onto.

Here are some additional benefits that microfilm can offer in a business setting:

  • Not lost in technical outages: Most business offices today use a combination of computer programs to create, edit and store files. While most people are familiar with these programs, the files they create are risky for businesses for a number of reasons. First, data can be hacked and leaked. Second, data can easily be lost in a technical breakdown or outage. Third, files can become corrupted or outdated with program updates, making older files inaccessible.
  • Easily accessible: While it may not seem simple, microfilm scanners in Illinois are very easy to use and access information through. This makes microfilm scanning an efficient way to collect and find documents. Additionally, documents can be backed up as digital files for storing and sorting on a computer, while also being kept safe on film.
  • Minimal storage space: One of the best parts about microfilm is that it requires very little storage space to use. The film can hold large amounts of data on very small rolls, meaning businesses are able to maximize their space by removing physical documentation and switching to microfilm.
  • Cost effective: Companies are constantly trying to improve their bottom line by cutting costs, and document storage can be an overwhelming cost if the need is high enough. Thankfully, microfilm is a relatively inexpensive and extremely cost-effective way to safely create and store documents, meaning it won’t burden your business’s overhead.
  • Legal: If your company needs to store important documents that might be required in a future legal case, you may be reluctant to get rid of the physical copy. However, microfilm is accepted in court as a legal substitute for an original paper document. This means important legal documents and records can be kept intact for future use without the burden of taking up space.

If you’re interested in learning more about microfilm for your business, contact Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. We are a leading provider of microfilm scanners in Illinois and offer a wide selection of scanners and readers. Call us today!

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