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If your organization or business uses microfiche scanners and readers on a regular basis, you understand how important it is to maintain this equipment and keep it safe. While microfiche is a relatively cost-effective way to store and organize documents, the equipment needed to create and access those documents can be costly, especially for institutions like libraries.

If your microfiche equipment starts acting up or is not functioning at all, there’s no need to panic. All you need to do is find a qualified microfiche specialist like Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. to take a look and provide microfiche equipment repair in Illinois. Thanks to our skilled team, your equipment should be up and running again in no time.

Microfiche functionality is crucial

Specialized microfiche equipment is necessary to both scan documents and read them. Without having this equipment in full functionality, your organization may not be able to access the documents you’ve worked so hard to compress and store. This can not only disrupt the research process of visitors, but it can also cause problems for businesses needing access to important customer service or legal documents, as well as distress to individuals needing to access historical information that is saved on microfiche.

Although they are relatively simple to use, microfiche scanners and readers have many complex parts within them. Microfiche scanners store document images on 105mm by 148mm film cards in a grid pattern. In order to magnify these small document images, the scanners must have loading docks, movable trays, magnifying lenses, a screen for viewing and proper lighting. All of these pieces should work together seamlessly if the equipment is well maintained, but there is a lot of room for error if the machines are experiencing problems.

Thus, if something isn’t working the way it should, it’s extremely important for you to take your equipment to a microfiche specialist like Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. to have it inspected and repaired using specialized tools and years of expertise. You don’t want to tinker around with microfiche equipment yourself, or you may end up breaking it further.

You can count on us

In this increasingly important digital age, we are surrounded by the latest and greatest technology capable of storing documents and data. These new advancements are causing fewer and fewer companies to offer microfiche equipment at all, let alone be around to service it if it starts giving you trouble. This can pose major problems for libraries and organizations that use microfiche on a daily basis to store and access important documentation.

Fortunately, your organization has us to rely on! Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. has served the community since 1981, meaning we have more than 35 years of experience selling, maintaining and working with microfilm and microfiche equipment. We are truly the experts when it comes to repairing your scanners and readers, so don’t hesitate to call us for microfiche equipment repair in Illinois!

And, if your equipment is a bit older and not worth the trouble to repair, we also carry a wide selection of the most up-to-date equipment for you to purchase. Call us today to learn more about what we can offer you.

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