Why Is It Important to Preserve Your Documents?

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Where do you store your documents? Are they tucked safely away in a cabinet? Are your confidential files locked in a safe? Have you upgraded to digital files? Each of these methods of document preservation has serious drawbacks. If you’ve never considered using microfilm machines in Illinois for document preservation, now is the time.

Microfilm machines in Illinois offer several benefits. If you want to properly preserve your documents, it’s important to take advantage of this equipment. Not sure if this solution is right for you? Consider the following reasons to use microfilm machines in Illinois:

  • Conserve space: How much space do your files currently occupy? Wouldn’t it be nice to devote all that space to other things? Microfilm machines in Illinois offer a convenient storage option that allows you to store your files easily in a smaller area.
  • Preserve information: Paper deteriorates. Floods, fires and fading can easily wipe out all of your documentation. Digital options are helpful, but they have their own challenges. Software becomes outdated. Hackers can steal the data. Information gets lost due to save failures or technical glitches. Microfilm, on the other hand, does not deteriorate and is not susceptible to these technological troubles.
  • Secure data: Did you know microfilm can be stored for up to 500 years? During these centuries, it is not vulnerable to hackers. It is a secure option that will preserve your documents for hundreds of years.
  • Make it last: With its incredible longevity, microfilm offers safekeeping for your documents for longer than any other form of media.
  • Enjoy easy access: Microfilm is easy to access and view. It can be viewed by magnification. It can also be scanned into digital form for viewing. There’s no hassle, no extensive training required and no technological challenges. Simply roll out the film and view it.
  • Use it in court: Many times, court cases hinge on documented evidence. If you need to preserve documents for future use in a court of law, microfilm machines in Illinois should be your go-to method. If the documents are preserved on microfilm, the evidence can still be admitted even if the original document is lost or destroyed.
  • Get organized: Are your files currently stored in multiple locations? Do you lack an organizational system that allows for quick, easy access to the information you need? By using a microfilm machine in Illinois, you can store all your information neatly on microfilm. Due to its size, the microfilm can all be stored in one place, where it can provide safe, secure filing of all your pertinent documents.

Reap the Benefits

Would you like to take advantage of these many benefits of microfilm machines in Illinois? Contact the experts at Microfilm Equipment & Supplies Inc. We have everything you need to preserve your films, books, photographs, documents, files and more. Our staff is dedicated to meeting customer needs, going out of our way to help you in any way we can. Reach out to us today with any questions or to get started on your new and improved filing system.

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