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Microfilm remains one of the most prominent methods of preserving important documents today, in spite of digital recordkeeping becoming more advanced. However, not many people are skilled in the art of scanning and reading documents via microfilm, and even fewer businesses offer equipment to meet your document preservation needs.

That’s why Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. aims to provide businesses, archivists, libraries and other organizations with everything they need to maintain this crucial form of document storage. Whether you need to purchase a microfilm scanner to begin the process, upgrade your outdated model or have your existing machine repaired, we are always available to help.

Why microfilm?

If you haven’t taken the leap into microfilm yet, but you work for a government institution or library where document storage is of the utmost importance, you should really consider investing in microfilm equipment in Illinois.

Microfilm works by compressing documents into very small sizes on film using a specialized scanner, which can be read later using a microfilm reader. This process is perfect for organizations that need to store large volumes of documentation but lack significant storage space. Because microfilm can hold so much information on a single roll, a small space for storage is all that is necessary.

Additionally, microfilm is a cost-effective and safe solution for document storage. Physical paper documents can degrade over time and are easily lost in fires, floods and other disasters. Electronic storage, too, is susceptible to damage or corruption because of system errors, blackouts, accidental deletions and hacks.

Our company is prepared to serve all your microfilm needs

At Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc., we aim to serve institutional clients of all kinds by providing them the top-of-the-line microfilm equipment they need to securely archive their important documents.

We offer a wide selection of scanners and readers, as well as accessories, so that you’ll have everything you need to store books, legal documents, photographs and much more. What’s more, we are constantly improving our selection of microfilm scanners and readers, and we keep up with the latest technological upgrades, so you can be sure you’re getting the best equipment the industry has to offer. Right now, our top product is the latest in microfilm innovation, the ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner.

In addition to microfilm equipment in Illinois, we also offer repair services to take care of your delicate equipment. If something breaks, don’t risk damaging it more by attempting to repair it yourself! Just bring it to our shop and our experienced team will take a look and find a repair solution so you can continue using your equipment as soon as possible.

We’re not just a store, either. The Microfilm Equipment and Supplies Inc. team aims to help and educate clients, not just sell things to them, so you’ll be welcomed into our family when you walk through our doors.

We’ve been serving customers in Illinois since 1981, giving us over 35 years of experience in the microfilm industry. You can trust us to meet your every need. Stop by to browse our selection today!

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