Microfilm Readers in Illinois

Microfilm readers are necessary pieces of equipment to be able to read any documents stored in microform, such as microfilm, aperture cards, microfiche, flat film, ultra fiche and more. They are particularly important tools for libraries, government agencies, genealogy enthusiasts and newspaper companies, where old print documents tend to be archived in mass quantities and microfilm digitizing is of the utmost importance. You have likely seen these machines in use at your own local or university library.

micofilm machine

At Microfilm Equipment & Supplies, Inc., we provide a variety of Eye Com readers, including the Eye Com 1000, 1100, 1200 and 3000:

  • Eye Com 1000: The Eye Com 1000 reader is known for its more compact size (just 14” high). It has a portable 12V option also available. You can view ¾ source or COM film with this device.
  • Eye Com 1100: The Eye Com 1100 reader has a full-size 100% source viewing, with a dual lens option available.
  • Eye Com 1200: The Eye Com 1200 reader also features a full-size 100% source viewing capability, as well as an image rotation feature to help you view the source from multiple angles. Single and dual lens options are also available.
  • Eye Com 3000: The Eye Com 3000 also features 100% source viewing capability. It is available in single or dual lens, with a larger screen than the other available options. Despite its larger size, it manages to still be compact and convenient.

For more information about the unique benefits of each of these pieces of equipment, or to learn more about microfilm scanner prices, we encourage you to contact Microfilm Equipment & Supplies, Inc. today at 847-296-0026. We look forward to working with you as you preserve all of your memories and documents, and are pleased to answer any questions you have for our team about our products or services.